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All albums written and produced by Nerissa Campbell, and published by Crooked Mouth Music (ASCAP)


After The Magic (2016)

After The Magic is a moody dreamscape reminiscent of a literary roman-a-clef. It features Balinese gamelan, a jazz trio, pensive solo piano pieces, and fleeting guitars woven together with Campbell’s melancholy vocals; combined creating a sense of space and breath. Cycling and repeating, ebbing and flowing, the songs of After The Magic inform and are informed by each other. 

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Blue Shadows (2012)

As Blue Shadows encompasses the emotive range from despair to tenderness, we are pierced with the poignancy of our mere existence. Campbell and her band capture the struggle, the desperation, and the anguish of all who have come to New York with dreams of artistic freedom, only to find themselves fighting for survival while the dream remains tenuous at best.

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Musings Of A Telescopic Tree (2009)

Musings Of A Telescopic Tree is a fine blend of styles dipped in a smoky beer batter of late night living. The blues is here, too, but it plays hide and seek with space and sound, creating a depth of feeling beyond the obvious. Musings of a Telescopic Tree has the kind of flow often found on vinyl albums in the sixties and seventies. There is an ebb and flow that unifies the entire recording.

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